Consulting & Training

At Coffee Roasters Australia, we offer various consulting services relating to coffee and roasting, including staff training, roaster optimisation and lab analysis. Find out more about our consulting services below:



Have you purchased a second-hand roaster? Do you need assistance in getting it up and running?

The experienced team at Coffee Roasters Australia can help you with getting the roaster compliant and ready for roasting great local coffee.

From consulting with gas and electrical technicians, through to your flooring requirements, we can work with you to ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible, and everything is covered for you to start your roasting business, or expand your operations.

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Coffee Roasters Australia runs regular coffee roasting training courses structured from beginner to advanced. We also offer tailored training courses to individuals or organisations wishing to focus on a particular area of the coffee roasting processor to develop staff competencies. The course can be conducted in-house at Coffee Roasters Australia or at the customer's site. We have conducted training and consulting both in Australia and Internationally.

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This is a very popular service we provide as many customers prefer to use our experience to develop blends for them. This can be very beneficial for startup businesses allowing the operator to fast-track the coffee offers, minimizing quality issues and opening. We not only develop the blend but also the:

  • Tasting note
  • Supplier contact
  • Pricing, and
  • Roast profiles.

About 50% of customers that purchase a coffee roaster from us also utilise this service as it allows for an easier launch by cutting out many months of R&D and product wastage.



On-site, we have state of the art coffee lab analysis tools ranging from moisture meters, density analyser, refractometers, and colour analysers that we use to do the in-depth analysis of customers coffees.

We can sample roast or analyse coffee sent to us and provide a detailed report on the findings.



At Coffee Roasters Australia we not only represent a number of quality equipment suppliers but we are also a manufacturer of our equipment ranging from Afterburners, Destoners, Ducting to various Silos. We have assisted many businesses over the years with the setup of their coffee manufacturing operations.

We are skilled right across the board both technically with equipment but also on knowledge of coffee itself. If you have a project requiring a new plant or extension of an existing plant we can help in the layout, design and optimisation of the plant and supply of the equipment.

We work closely with various other contractors used at the site such as gas fitters, electricians, builders, council and architects to help deliver a seamless installation. One of our key strength is the ability to design custom equipment ranging from process equipment (afterburners, destoners, control panels, software, etc.) to ducting and various other components. We also have in-house CAD design capability.



Speak to us about how we can assist your business by streamlining operations, increasing efficiency and improving your product offering with our coffee consulting services.