Mark Beattie

Director of CRA Group

Mark has been working in the coffee industry for over 14 years. He has a degree in Business and Marketing, followed by 9 years experience with Nestle in various divisions in both Sydney and Melbourne.

Mark is one of the leading coffee roaster trainers in Australia. He is the author of many articles in industry magazines assisting roasters on the latest technique and skills required to master the art of roasting.

Having experience with coffee at both a corporate and small business level allows Mark to provide valuable assistance and advice to coffee companies.

Mark's passion for coffee and coffee equipment ensures his customers coffee industry dreams are realised.


Director of CRA Group

Alana Beattie was born and raised in New Zealand. After moving to California for her final five years of college, she decided to relocate to Australia in 1990.

Her successful years of career started as a Pharmacy Assistant before she spent ten years as a Retail Category Manager at Pfizer Australia and Nestle's Category Sales Development Manager.

In 2009, Alana and her husband Mark Beattie purchased and established Coffee Roasters Australia.

Fast forward to 2021, the business has grown substantially in revenue employing 20 people in Australia and Hong Kong.

Coffee Roasters Australia is now part of the well established CRA Group which also consists of Capsule Pack and CRA TECHNOLOGY.