CRA is experienced at custom designing control panel systems for coffee roaster upgrades. We can custom design a completely new control panel to suit your requirements and offer various options for control and automation.
The control interface with the coffee roasting system is probably the most vital component of the process as it is where the operator interfaces with the machine. An ergonomic control interface makes the job of batch roasting coffee simpler and more efficient.
Control Panel Options
Currently we have three options for coffee roaster control consisting of:
  • The Coffee Sweet PCB Automation kit that interfaces with PC based software, or
  • The PLC driven control system with large touch screen that is used more for larger industrial setups where a number of different operations in the plant need to be controlled.
  • Custom designed control panel systems for Coffee Roasters.
We have undertaken various projects of customisation for customers and can design a solution for you. We can modify new and used systems to deliver better control and by doing this locally we ensure that it will meet the relevant standards. We offer standalone control panels, design an add-on module to the roaster and/or can complete an all new electrical system if required.
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