In-house custom built Afterburners!
Afterburners can be modified to suit certain installations, with a turnaround of 4 to 5 weeks as work is done in-house.
What is an Afterburner?
An afterburner is used to remove emissions and odours from coffee roasting equipment. Coffee roasting produces smokey emissions that contain a number of pollutants which can harm the environment.
How does an Afterburner work?
Our reliable afterburners oxidizes the waste gases generated from roasting using the combustion process. By producing a much cleaner emission, coffee roasters are able to reduce their environmental footprint without compromising the quality of the roast.


Electrostatic Filters
We have a range of filter systems to deal with smoke and odour from the coffee roasting process. These options are alternatives to afterburners and to not require gas.
We have a range specially designed for coffee roasters from small shop roasters through to larger industrial roasters.

Disclaimer: Any modification from the standard design to suit customer's requirements, may occur an additional cost.