There's definitely a love for coffee in Australia, and it stands to reason some of us would dream of one day starting a coffee roasting business.

Just imagine working all day amongst the aroma of freshly roasted coffee beans, enjoying a cup of the brew as fresh as it can possibly be.

It's a fine dream, but it's important to consider a lot of things before starting a new business. We've put together the key things you need to consider and plan before starting your coffee roasting business.



You'll obviously need to know how much coffee you'll be roasting when you start out so you know what size coffee roaster you'll need. It's also a good idea to plan for growth. Work out what batch size you'll be staring with and how much you're planning to grow in the first few years. That way you can get equipment that will allow you to steadily expand, rather than limit your production.


Consider the location, size and layout your factory will need and see what's available on the market. Consider the size of the roasting equipment you'll be starting with, truck access, as well as plenty of storage. Remember, green beans take up quite a bit of storage space.


You will need to make a submission to your local council and obtain permission before you can set up a roasting business. Because roasting coffee is considered food manufacturing you'll need a food license, and the factory will have to meet certain standards for food and workplace safety.

Coffee roasters emit smoke and odour, so you'll also need to consider an emissions solution in the application. Installing afterburners are a common method of dealing with this.


Whether you're investing your own money or taking out a business loan, there will be a fair bit of outlay for starting a coffee roasting business. Not just for factory rent, equipment, licencing and other business management costs, but also the capital to cover your green bean inventory and packaging.

For our equipment, we can offer flexible finance solutions through partnerships with some of Australia's leading hospitality finance companies.


You know you need a coffee roaster - that pretty much goes without saying - but consider the other equipment you'll need. Things like scales & sealers, a destoner, afterburners, trolleys, a forklift depending on the size of your initial operation, and plenty of other equipment people tend to forget when first starting out.


Roasting equipment needs to be set up properly, with gas supply, ducting, plumbing, and accessible power points. Coffee Roasters Australia specialises in the installation of roasting equipment and are experienced in fitting them in industrial and commercial settings.


If you're planning on starting your own coffee roasting business, no matter where you are in Australia, talk to us. We'll be happy to discuss your equipment needs, installation requirements and coffee roasting courses we offer. We even offer flexible finance solutions through our partnerships with some of Australia's leading hospitality finance companies.


August 24, 2016