We are happy to announce the launch of our own life of coffee roasters; The Phantom Series, designed on the Gold Coast under our CRA Technology brand.


For those of you who aren't aware, CRA Technology has been housing our IP, as well as developing the technology and designs for Coffee Roasters Australia's own destoners, afterburners and control system. We're at the forefront of the market for coffee roasting equipment, so it was a natural progression for us to develop our own coffee roaster systems.

The new Phantom Series is the first line to be launched as a result of Mark Beattie's market research and ongoing project developments with the Engineering department at Griffith University. Working through the many theories, assumptions and marketing speak of the coffee industry, they modelled and tested different systems to find the truth.

"My aim was to develop something I would enjoy roasting on as I knew if I could satisfy my own high standards, I would hopefully satisfy the market", Mark says.

Benefiting from the close relationships Coffee Roasters Australia has with many of Australia's best coffee roasters, collating feedback and insights into what works best, we were able to come up with a coffee roaster design series that pushes the boundaries of commercial coffee roasters, just as the Australian coffee industry has been pushing the boundaries with its roasting and brewing methods. Finally, there's a product that can keep up with Australia's high standards, and lead the way in the international market.


The Phantom Series comes in a 7kg and a 22kg format, with the latter available as a fully integrated line, complete with loader, destoner and afterburner.

Paired with the most advanced PC integrated roasting control system on the market, the Phantom Series is specially designed for the needs of specialty coffee roasting.


The system provides the flexibility to roast a wide range of profiles to suit various brewing methods, while the compact design ensures a small footprint so you can make the most of your roasting space.




Based on the Gold Coast, CRA Technology is currently producing the first line of orders, due to be shipped out in May 2017. For more information about The Phantom Series, or other coffee roasting services such as training, consulting, technical support and more, visit the CRA Technology site or call us on 07 5529 0888 today.


March 20, 2017