In January 2015, Coffee Roasters Asia was established, with an outlet opening in Hong Kong to provide a base for the company's planned expansion into South East Asia.

"We felt the best way we could service the Asian market was to set up a roastery. We have four employees in the roastery in Hong Kong and 20 members on a sales team", says Mrs Beattie.

Coffee Roasters Asia is targeting cafes that are using products imported from the UK and US.
"Their coffees are as not fresh as ours and are not manufactured to the same standards", said Mrs Beattie. "We are experiencing strong demand for Australian coffee in that sector".

The company is also targeting boutique hotels that cater to Australian travellers and the office market, particularly the high-end financial services market.
"There is huge potential target market in South-East Asia and we are signing up new customers every day", says Mrs Beattie.

The push into north Asia is being helped by recent attendance at the HOFEX international food and beverage trade show in Hong Kong, that attracted almost 40,000 trade buyers over four days. The Gold Coast stand, within the Australian Pavilion, represented nine companies including Morlife, Frosty Boy and Coffee Roasters Australia and building recognition for the quality of 'brand' Gold Coast as well as sales and distribution opportunities for exhibiting companies.

June 29, 2015